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19 Winter 2021 Nail Designs You Need to Try at Home!

Bring the winter spark this year with these nails 🌟

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Around the world, people are starting to celebrate the wonderful festivities that the cold but heart-warming winter season brings. Whether it be decorating your family’s Christmas tree, or picking up a Hanukkah gift for your loved one, there are certainly a lot of things to celebrate with your loved ones as another year comes to a wrap.

Our team here at FAYD wants to celebrate all the amazing work we’ve been seeing in the online nail communities lately. So many creative designs surface at this time of year to really bring those wintery feelings alive on your fingertips. In fact, there are so many impressive designs that we’ve already done two features on Christmas nails and snowflake nails.

Here, we’ll showcase some general winter nail designs that are visually stunning for any winter occasion! We hope you scroll through and enjoy the selection of winter nail ideas we’ve put together for you–everything from simple and elegant nail colors to winter wonderland vibes to cute reindeers... We’ve got it all here for you, and our team wishes you a safe and happy holiday season!

1. Dreamlike Lavender

Nails with dreamlike lavender color.

@maniko.nails on Instagram

2. Winter Reindeer

Nails with white reindeer design.

@pazzzur_paulii on Instagram

3. Crystal Icy Blue

Nails with crystal icy blue design.

@nailsbyclavis on Instagram

4. Icy Blue

Nails with icy blue design.

@ethereallashesandnaildesign on Instagram

5. Pink Snowflakes

Nails with pick snowflake design .

@shellac_passion on Instagram

6. Silver French Snowflakes

Nails with silver french snowflake design.

@shellac_passion on Instagram

7. Blue and Frosty

Nails with blue and frosty design.

@seren.dip.itous_nails_by_erica on Instagram

8. Snowglobe and Glitters

Nails with snowglobe and glitter design.

@seren.dip.itous_nails_by_erica on Instagram

9. Shiny Icy Droplets

Nails with shiny icy droplet design.

@hoanandonly on Instagram

10. Elegant Snowy Vibes

Nails with elegant snowy vibes.

@beautyhaven_byjodie on Instagram

11. Silver and Dark Snow

Nails with silver and dark snow design.

@pazzzur_paulii on Instagram

12. Simple Shine

Nails with simple shine design.

@pannizachar on Instagram

13. Stripes and Reindeer

Nails with stripes and reindeer design.

@hegedusheni_makeup_and_nails on Instagram

14. Red Snowy Day

Nails with red snowy design.

@hegedusheni_makeup_and_nails on Instagram

15. Cutest Polar Bear

Nails with cute polar bear design.

@kate.86 on Instagram

16. Winter Wonderland

Nails with winter wonderland design.

@nailsbyclavis on Instagram

17. Winter Cat

Nails with winter cat design.

@CXIduLpjs7R on Instagram

18. Blue Winter Sky

Nails with blue winter sky design.

@zpazurkiem.justyna on Instagram

19. Winter Marbles

Nails with winter marbles design.

@luxenail on Instagram

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