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10 Easy and Cute Christmas Nail Ideas 2021 🎄

Celebrate the holidays with your best nails on!

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Are you excited to celebrate the holiday season? After another eventful and long year, we certainly are!

Christmas is just around the corner, and we are here to help you show up to your holiday gatherings with the best ideas for cute and simple Christmas nails! Whether you have a love for some classy red and green Christmas nails, or some playful snowflake design nails, or even Christmas tree designs, we’ve got it all here for you curated from all across the Internet.

So let’s not wait any longer and dive into these 10 great nail colors and designs for winter and Christmas 2021!

Part 1: ❄️ Best Snowflake Nails 2021 ❄️

White Snowflake Nails

Nails with gold glitter and silver dot nail polish for the snowflake design.

@thehangedit on Instagram

These Christmas snowflake nails have the perfect mix of gold glitter nail polish and silver dot polish. Enjoy the gorgeous accent on these cute snowflakes–the bright, unreal contrast is just perfect.

Red and Gold Snowflake Nails

Red nails with gold glitter snowflake designs.

@defybeautysigtuna on Instagram

Accent nails can sometimes feel a little abrupt with the rest of your mani, but this combination of red and gold glitter polish go together so well. The itty-bitty snowflakes on top add that extra touch to make this a true work of art.

Easy Snowflake Nails

Transparent frosted nails with white snowflake designs.

@ninanailedit on Instagram

Elegance in simplicity–that’s what this nail art is all about. The tiny stars, snowflakes, and dots all mesh together so well on the transparent background to bring everything to life. Go enjoy the snow and wintry beauty outside with these!

Part 2: 🎄 Best Christmas Tree Nails 2021 🎄

Polka Dots + Christmas Tree

White nails with polka dots and a Christmas tree.

@paulaspassions on Instagram

What else to go with a cute Christmas tree nail design on your nails for this winter than some simple, colorful polka dots? You’ve gotta try this easy Christmas nail design out to get yourself into the festive mood!

Simple Christmas Trees

White nails with simple Christmas trees.

@nailsbyjema on Instagram

Wanna switch up your Christmas nail colors a bit? Then this Christmas tree design with just green and white nail colors is the one for you. You can definitely pull this one off even just at home!

Part 3: 🔴🟢 Best Red and Green Christmas Nails 2021 🟢🔴

Festive Red and Green

Red and green nails with festive ornaments.

AliahKeiDesigns on Etsy

It’s so hard to go wrong with the classic red and green nail colors for Christmas nails. Add in some golden glitters or decorations to top off your red and green nails to make it the ideal holiday season nails!

Gingerbread Man + Red and Green

Red and green nails with gingerbread man and houses.

Tattoorary on Etsy

Why not build on the classic, timeless red and green pattern with some super cute Gingerbread man nail designs? A great holiday tradition makes for a beautifully designed nail art idea you can’t miss out on for your Christmas nails 2021.

Part 4: 🎅 Other Honorable Mentions 🎅

Grinch Nail Design

Nails with a Grinch design.

@home_of_deva on Instagram

If being more mischievous and playful is your vibe for this holiday season, try out these simple Grinch nails! You will definitely be missing no points in the creativity and stylishness departments when showing off these nails.

It’s Snowing Outside

Transparent nails with a snow theme.

Love Ambie Blog

Many members of our team grew up loving the snow and building snowmen every winter. If you share this love for winter and Christmas, we know you will enjoy this simple and delicate snowman Christmas nail design!

🎁 Merry Christmas Everyone 🎁

Nails with many different holiday season designs on each nail.

Love Ambie Blog

To round off our list, we wanted to bring you this Christmas nail design that is just so wholesome. Bring together all the best designs and arts for Christmas nails and show them off as you bring together all your loved ones. We hope you have a safe and wonderful holiday season.

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