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Who We Are

FAYD is a beauty services booking platform that re-imagines the search and payment experience.

Founded by a group of UCLA and Emory grads, we’ve experienced firsthand how difficult it can be to find a stylist or barber that we like, especially on a student’s budget. That's why our mission is to make it easier and more affordable than ever for you to always look your best.

Check out how our app will work below. While we work on developing our app, you can already book a dynamically priced appointment in Los Angeles or Atlanta right now!

Step 1: Find Your Style

Having difficulty finding a new stylist?

Our Freestyle Search gives you the personalized stylist recommendations you’ve been looking for! Browse through hairstyles that other users have gotten from their stylists, and swipe right on the hairstyles you love. We'll analyze your preferences to find the right stylists for you.

You can try out our first version here!

Screenshot of FAYD's Freestyle Search swiping page.
Screenshot of FAYD's Freestyle Search recommendation page.

Step 2: Find Your Price

Screenshot of FAYD's dynamically priced appointment selection page.

Pay the right price at the right time!

All of our stylists' appointments are dynamically priced. That means you can enjoy great discounts by simply visiting your stylist at a time when they typically don't have appointments booked. Your stylist will get more business, and you'll save more on your hairstyles. It's a win-win for everyone!

Step 3: Book Your Style

We make scheduling and paying for your hairstyles easier than ever.

Booking, payment, and tipping are done seamlessly through our app. Walk in, get the style you love, and walk out looking and feeling your best. Don't forget to upload your look to our Freestyle Search to inspire other users and show off your style!

Screenshot of FAYD's stylist profile page.
Screenshot of FAYD's appointment confirmation page.

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