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21 Cute and Simple Snowflake Nail Ideas for Christmas 2021

Let it snow ❄️

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Thanksgiving is over, and you know what that means...

It’s Christmas season 🎁🎅!!!

Here in the U.S, we’re already seeing those festive Christmas decorations pop up everywhere around us—shopping malls, neighbors' lawns, city halls... It’s really never too early to start getting into the holiday spirit. After all, I’m sure all of us could use more of these celebratory vibes after another eventful year in the world.

With the coming of Christmas, it also means it’s the perfect season for you to show off your Christmas nails. We’ve already put together some inspiration for the best Christmas nail ideas we’ve seen for winter 2021, but today we wanted to specifically share with you all these absolutely gorgeous snowflake nail designs!

Christmas trees and candy cane designs are cute and all, but nothing fits the winter vibes better than snowflakes do. So please scroll through, enjoy the best and cutest snowflake nail designs we’ve put together, and make sure to save them to get them done for yourself!

1. Dreamy Purple Color

Nails with a dreamy purple color.

@aanchysnails on Instagram

2. Blue Glitter on Snowflakes

Nails with blue glitter on snowflakes.

3. Red Festivity

Nails with a red festivity theme.

@misol_nailsboutique on Instagram

4. Green Snowflakes with White Spots

Nails with greensnowflakes with white spots.

5. Golden Snowflakes

Nails with golden snowflakes.

@nail_blisss_ on Instagram

6. Navy Blue and Pink Snowflakes

Nails with navy blue and pink snowflakes.

7. Snowflakes and Swirls

Nails with snowflakes and swirls.

@thecottonsugar on Instagram

8. Simple Red Strip with Snowflakes

Nails with a simple red strip with snowflakes.

9. Red and White Snowflakes

Nails with red and white snowflakes.

@arely_yy on Instagram

10. One Elegant Snowflake

Nails with one elegant snowflake.

11. Simple Blue

Nails with a simple blue theme.

@colorboxbirmingham on Instagram

12. Black Strip with Snowflakes

Nails with a black strip with snowflakes.

13. Dark and Gloomy

Nails that are dark and gloomy.

@danails2021 on Instagram

14. Classic White

Nails that are a classic white color.

15. Green with Gold Glitters

Nails with green and gold glitters.

@gelishprofessional on Instagram

16. Subtle Glitters

Nails with subtle glitters.

17. Elegant Blue and White

Nails with an elegant blue and white color.

@edenjamesv on Instagram

18. Golden Glitters

Nails with golden glitters.

19. Dots and Swirls and Gold

Nails with dots and swirls and gold color.

@liquidglamnailsupply on Instagram

20. Smooth Pink Cover

Nails with smooth pink cover.

21. Red Festive Vibes

Nails with red festive vibes.

@lunasnailz on Instagram

If you enjoyed looking at these beautiful designs, don’t forget to support the amazing nail techs behind the work by following them on Instagram. And if you’re in the mood to see more amazing nail art, try out our Find Your Style feature to enjoy tailored nail art ideas.