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21 Cute & Simple Valentine’s Day Nails You Can Do at Home 2022

Pink hearts, red hearts, white hearts... all the hearts for 2022 Valentine’s nails

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Can you feel it? It’s the season of Valentine’s, and love is certainly in the air 🥰

No matter how you are celebrating this year’s Valentine’s Day–getting to know someone new, celebrating with a cherished partner, or living out your single life–we want to make sure you feel confident and prepared when it comes to your nail game!!

Therefore, we’ve gone out and put together these cute and simple Valentine’s nail art ideas for 2022! Be it pink hearts with glitter, or nude nails with dashes of red coffin, we hope you get inspired! Go get your Valentine’s manicure right after browsing our collection.

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1. Red & Pink Hearts

nail art with red and pink heart design.


2. Strawberries & Happiness

nail art with strawberries and happy face design.


3. Ocean Blue Hearts

nail art with ocean blue hearts design.


4. Nude Valentine’s Nails with Cute Hearts

nail art with nude valentines and cute hearts design.


5. Elegant Pink

nail art with elegant pink design.


6. Valentine’s Gel Hearts

nail art with valentines gel hearts design.

7. Lovely Hot Pink

nail art with lovely hot pink design.


8. Heart Wants What It Wants

nail art with simple hearts design.


9. Simple Heart Stickers

nail art with simple heart stickers design.


10. Flowers of Love

nail art with flowers and hearts design.


11. Youthful Joy

nail art with youthful valentines design.


12. White Valentine’s

nail art with white valentines design.


13. Glitter and Hearts

nail art with glitter and hearts design.


14. Acrylic Hearts

nail art with acrylic hearts design.


15. Elegant Red

nail art with elegant red design.


16. Checkered Hearts

nail art with checkered hearts design.


17. Nude Hearts

nail art with nude hearts design.


18. Sky Blue Valentine

nail art with sky blue valentines design.


19. Starry Valentine’s

nail art with starry valentines design.


20. Sweetheart Candy

nail art with sweetheart candy design.


21. Love Wonderland

nail art with love wonderland design.